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5 Ways to Use Instagram for Business

Sunday, 16 April 2017
Instagram has over 300 million active monthly users and over 70 million photos are shared daily. This photo sharing social network is very user friendly thus popular among online users. Businesses can capitalize on this extensive social media platform to enhance their customers’ experiences and introduce their brand to new markets. Instagram provides a great opportunity for companies to share their stories with the world through photos and videos.

The network has experienced an upward trend since its inception in 2010 and with strategic investment from Facebook; it’s a force to reckon on the social network. Its popularity and wide reach on the internet makes it a marketing hub for business. Here are a few insights on how to use Instagram for business.

Establish an Instagram strategy

Companies do not join social network just for the fun of it rather they have objectives they hope to achieve. Before opening an Instagram account, establish what you hope to achieve from this online platform. Your ultimate goal will influence how you engage your followers on a day to day basis. Companies join Instagram for various reasons such as driving traffic to the company website, creating brand awareness and increasing product sales.

Build a Community around Your Brand

Build a relationship with Instagram users. Create an account, follow other users especially those in your niche and actively interact with your followers or those you are following. When you interact with other users, you establish a relationship with them and they become more receptive to your brand. This also provides an opportunity to gather market intelligence on competitor activities.

Post Engaging Content Regularly

Create content that will capture the attention of your followers or attract new followers. Establish post reach and schedule your updates at a time you will reach the most people. Post updates or progress about your business. Ensure you respond to comments or inquiries. Establish hash tags that are related to your products or services and incorporate them on Instagram posts.

Share Photos and Videos

Once you have an established following, share with them high resolution photos and videos. Note to share both general and corporate images. The fun photos will capture their attention while the images relevant to your brand will communicate a message about your business. Make it easy for anyone to share your photos by ensuring your photos are professionally done with your brands message incorporated and that they do not appear too official.

Hijack Trending Hash Tags

Hash tags are used to keep the conversation about a specific news item. Use of hash tags is one sure way of reaching masses at a go. Businesses can adopt trending hash tags relating to their business to reach more people. You can find popular hash tags at Populargram and relevant hash tags for your business at Webstagram.

Instagram is a powerful social media platform where companies can show case their products and services. It offers a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers, increase product sales and promote brand visibility.

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