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Nowadays, communication has shifted from word-of-mouth to online searches and trends on social media. Positive reviews are no longer majorly spread in person, from one to another, rather reviews are left online for the entire world to see.

As a business owner, taking advantage of the technological advances in marketing and communication is very key if you are to improve popularity, increase customer traffic, and become a visible and well-known business.

With the world now globally interconnected, many people around the world are looking for the type of services your business offers, and the only way they can find out about your business is to search online for those services. But if they search, would they find your business on Google or other search engines? 

Well, if you do not have your business listed on strategic online business listing sites, they may never find out about your business. 

In case you don’t know which business listing site to sign up on, there’s no need to worry because I’m here to give you the top 10 business listing sites in Nigeria - and they are all free.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free business listing site available to all businesses with a Google account regardless of the country the business is based in. Google My Business allows customers to leave ratings and reviews about your business. Signing up on their website improves your searchability as people would be able to find you when they search on Google. Plus it also builds trust among potential customers who would have no reason to doubt the credibility of your business. 

With Google My Business, potential customers will be aware of your business location, working hours, customer support contact, website, as well as other necessary information.

Connect Nigeria

This is one of the most popular free business listing sites in Nigeria. It arranges businesses into categories for easy location and it allows a business to write briefs about their services. On this free business listing site, businesses can link their websites to the profile, as well as put their contact information. Also, there is the option to advertise your business for a fee. 

Connect Nigeria is used by hundreds of businesses in Nigeria, and they organize business fairs where the listed business can physically mingle and promote their services to the public.


This is one of the most popular free business listing sites online. As the name suggests, this is a business listing site that majorly focuses on Tech-related companies but is not limited to it. There are different categories for different services like Events, Arts and Entertainment, Transportation, and many more different types of services. It comes in three plans, the basic plan, Featured plan, and Premium plan.

Basic Plan is completely free, with features that give your business free ads, linked websites, and inclusion in search results.


This is a free business listing site designed to promote Nigerian businesses. It currently has listings of hundreds of businesses all across Nigeria. On their site, there is a Deal section where you can promote your services or products. They also keep you informed of the business fairs organized across Nigeria that you can participate in. Customers can leave reviews about your business which are then visible to everyone who checks their site, whether or not your business is listed with them. 

Facebook Business Page

With social media daily keeping people engaged, an online presence on popular social media platforms guarantees your business' visibility. With a Facebook Business page, people can look up your business and they will get all the important information they need to know. You can also freely advertise your services, upload pictures, publish articles, and do whatever you wish to do to promote your business on your page without spending a Kobo. 

Potential customers can contact you either directly within Facebook or via any means you specify. Plus you can invite customers and contacts to your business page, who may in turn share your business page with their contacts, thereby expanding your customer reach. 

VConnect Nigeria

This is an online marketplace for services. It links potential employees with hiring companies and links businesses with potential customers. VConnect Nigeria is a well-visited site and getting your business listed in their directory makes it easier for potential customers to locate you. 

LGT Nigeria

With this free business listing site, all you need to do is input details of your business and they add it to their catalog. One of the nice features of this site is that they create free online business cards for your business (if you want it), which you can then embed to your website or anywhere else you like. 


Having a strong online presence is vital to your business' existence in the long run. LinkedIn is a popular social media for professionals and businesses. Most businesses use LinkedIn as a way to run a background check on potential employees, so also do most potential customers use it to run a background check on businesses and companies.

Listing your business on LinkedIn increases your business' rank, as it is a verified and well-trusted platform across the world. 

NG Contacts

This free business listing site in Nigeria takes pride in having a great database of profiles and contacts of companies and businesses in Nigeria, which are then promoted both within and outside Nigerian shores. They currently have thousands of businesses listed with them, which have gained good visibility. 

Nigeria Directory

Focused on building Nigeria's largest directory, this site provides businesses with all they need to promote themselves. It provides a map that aids people in locating listed businesses, and how to get there. It also allows people to share your business information on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


The more people know about your business, the better it is for your business. With the world based on online interactions, you need to be well-positioned to get a large customer base. And the best way to establish your online presence is by registering your business in not just one, but multiple business listing sites. Link all these sites to your website, and watch your business online ranking soar.

Yesterday 9th of September the CEO of Luno Marcus Swanepoel announced on their blog that their brand has been acquired by the Digital currency group (DCG). DCG is one of the most prolific global enterprises that invests and supports crypto companies all over the world. It was founded in 2015 by Barry Silbert, an early investor in the early years of crypto.  DCG is backing more than 150 companies globally including Ripple and Coinbase.

Swanepoel revealed that DCG and Barry was an early investor to Luno in 2014.  Speaking about how it happened he said: “When we started Luno, we certainly did not set out to sell the company. We always valued our independence and unique culture, and have fortunately always had strong growth in all the countries we’ve launched, allowing us to continue to be in a very strong financial position to this day. That said, as the industry has evolved over the past few years, it became clearer to me that the most effective way to upgrade the world to a new, better financial system - at scale - is by having a company and business model that is deeply integrated across the entire industry and value chain, and importantly also one where these parts are able to maintain their own identity and brand whilst ‘loosely coordinating’ between one another. There is only one crypto company in the world that has managed to lay the right foundation for this, and that is DCG. So when the opportunity came up to become a fully-fledged part of the DCG family, we took the opportunity without any hesitation.”

This only coming weeks after Luno announced a global 5 million customer base and a move to Sydney. Luno has been growing faster and has positioned itself as one of the top crypto exchanges in the African Market. With the Increase in crypto Fraud and hacking in the Global community, they have still maintained a high level of security in keeping their customer’s money and crypto safe.

The CEO explained that this move will help them achieve their goal of hitting 1 billion customers globally. Even with the move, Luno will continue to run independently and with its co-founders and team. Also, the customers need not fear a major Change that will affect them, because it will still be business as usual.

Barry speaking on an interview on CNBC said he had watched Luno grow from a company of 5 people to more than 400 people, 5 million customers all around the world, and with this acquisition, Will get to accelerate the growth and bring it to people all over the globe.

The coronavirus pandemic helped the Crypto Market this year as an accelerant to the next level it needed to boom. There was a lot of awareness, a lot of engagements, and people leaning towards cryptos as an alternative investment and payment system.
This is a win for the crypto market in Africa because this move will help quick Global payments and transactions between continents. Since Luno is a leader in the emerging market. We may be witnessing a time without restrictions and financial boundaries. Be ready.

It is becoming common every day to see smaller exchanges opening physical stores to trade Cryptocurrency as well as gift cards in Nigeria. Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy is recording a high level of progression from the use of crypto. In a country where a lot of people are deemed to be scammers, and in which many of the online scams happen through digital currencies. And yet, people are not deterred. Since the increase in the petrol pump prize, the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, and less demand for Crude Oil Globally, The Nigerian Naira is staggering. There is a massive surge in crypto use cases in Africa according to statistics. People are beginning to exchange their fiats into cryptos.

However, with this level of increase and rising number of users of the crypto, there is fear that the fraud level would increase. The Crypto industry recorded over 24 million USD fraud, during the second half of 2020, with the twitter hack of July being one of the most recent. Although the major problem is that people are being talked into seeing crypto as a means to get rich quick as opposed to a currency.  The Twitter hack was an obvious scam and yet people fell for it globally.

How do we then begin to control the misinformation of crypto in the African space? Crypto scammers key into the hardship and the misinformation of the public to commit their crimes.  So their schemes can easily be identified. Here is the truth, If it is too good to be true, then you shouldn’t trust it in the first place. 

Some people are champions of Regulation, although it is true that it will go a long way to reduce the spread of crypto fraud, it may never stop the ignorance. I think what is needed more is education; seminars and conferences clearing the air of what cryptos are and what they are not. There can never be enough learning.  A lot of wallets are doing a good job with these, but I think the numbers are still lopsided. 

Its no news that Major oil companies are abandoning their rigs and moving into a more futuristic business that causes less environmental pollution. Nigeria whose major source of revenue is through oil export will have to start diversifying.  This is because the naira is still to face one of its biggest devaluations so far.  Consequently, Nigerians are beginning to jump into the crypto space because of the looming uncertainties.
By the end of 2020, We may be witnessing a massive increase in the use of crypto from the continent, and especially from Nigeria giving the large population. Although this is good news for the global crypto community, it is also going to be a challenging transformation for a lot of individuals.

Finally, since exchanges are sprouting up close to our local communities, for safety and to avoid Scam it is better to use physical dealers or trusted apps.  If you are just getting into the crypto community, read up as much as you can. Attend conferences and start planning for the future of currency. Remember, cryptos are just money, learn to treat them like you will your physical fiat, and you will be sure not to be duped.

Les Femmes d'Alger (Version O)
"From this evening, I am giving up painting, sculpture, engraving, and poetry so as to consecrate myself entirely to singing” Pablo Picasso.
Once a friend had called me to tell me he is facing harsh criticism regarding his creative works. However, it was a criticism geared towards focus. People told him to concentrate on his paintings because apparently, he created something outside the Art, something related to engineering and fabrication. He a sculptor who enjoys painting, and sometimes craft. They were calling him Jack of all trade, as is customary in this clime for people who gifted in diverse ways.  I have smiled and told him frankly that He is in line, to follow his heart and in the end, he will always find his way. However, the people that were mounting pressure on him to focus on something do not understand the artist's mind. No one understands the artist's mind, not even the artist.

Every artist has a restless mind. I can tell because I have encountered a lot of artists trying their hands on other Art aspects, switching from painting to sculpture, and sculpture to ceramics, and from painting to photography, and sometimes fully into executing experimental science projects to exhibit. I think it’s however, outlandish to try to pin an artist to a particular area of the art. An artist can also execute a science project and call it Art. I think the broad category of what can be called art has changed since the time Marcel Duchamp decided to exhibit a Urinary. This is because there is an expressional phenomenon in an artist that pushes him to try new things.  You can say the Artist easily gets bored of Monotony, a single trite concept for a long time.

There are some Artist who has gone out of their way into something different. It doesn’t make them less of an artist, but an artist with a high level of Imagination and audacity to dream.  Although sometimes they may not succeed, however, the experiences will build their mind beyond that of the everyday person in their time.  So if you are ever experiencing this, just know that sometimes it’s part of the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to Butterfly.  Here are a few Artists who ventured into other areas of the art as well as the sciences, for these people, they believe an artist should not be limited by specialization or circumstance. Let’s begin.

1) Pablo Picasso. 

Picasso made the top list because he was a very restless artist who wanted to explore all aspects of creativity. It is said the in fact in one of his letters he wrote one of his friends declaring he would abandon the visual art for a while and concentrate on writing poetry.  He did that for a while and then said unfortunately he is still painting. In fact, he was rolling among scholars, writers, and philosophers that in 1916 Les Demoiselles d'Avignonde exbition was curated by his friend and writer André Salmon Picassos works were also grouped into periods, to reflect his journey, from a realist painter to a cubist and a potter.  His mother once wrote to him:
They tell me that you write. I can believe anything of you. If one day they tell me that you say mass, I shall believe it just the same."

2) Demas Nwoko 

Demas is an artist who is sometimes regarded as an architect, because of his works on Architecture. Some people see him more as an architect, and others see more of a painter/sculptor. It’s a relative perspective. Six and nine prosocial perspectives. He did extensive works on stage design and theatre and even went into publishing. He was involved like Picasso in the literary art of his time and did a lot of works with them. He also wrote poetry. But Demas did not make this list because of Architecture but because once he had ventured into politics, vying for the post of Nigerians presidency.  Yes, you heard right, Politics. But unfortunately did not win.

3)  Leonardo Da Vinci

The world has paraded his artistry that it has been forgotten that the man was the Jack that tried all trades in happiness to create something. It’s been said of his mind that he was the archetype of what it means to be a Renaissance Man He made this list because of his numerous works in Engineering, physiology, medicine, and Botany. The sciences. Although it is rarely talked about, he ventured into almost everything, but he considered himself an Arista.    

4) Michelangelo

Michaelangelo made this list because of his poetry. Although he was known to have been involved heavily in Engineering, He wrote more than 300 poems during his time. In fact, much that is known of his sexuality came from his Poetry. According to Wikipedia, He wrote over three hundred sonnets and madrigals…they predate by fifty years Shakespeare's sonnets.

In Summary, this list is endless but is evident in the common human artist's desire to live life to the fullness, to create and to contribute meaningfully to their time and the time after them.  It is also to let others experiencing the same that it’s a phase, an important phase for some Creatives who may be a future Global phenomenon. This is also applicable to people in other fields, who feel a certain level of restiveness, that it’s okay to try other things. But the catch is, Be true to yourself, do what you can, and leave the rest to the changing hands of time.

I know you must be thinking this is one of those articles that promises unrealistic and impractical solutions to earning online. Do not worry, this will be plain and simple, and you are sure going to learn something. 

More than two decades since the internet revolution, its users, and uses have grown potentially. Especially above the threshold of sheer connectivity, and social communication. Businesses have moved from physical spaces to the virtual space, creating with them long term opportunities for the average person to benefit from. In line with this new trend, small scale businesses and individual businesses are sprouting up online every day. 

Moreover, the post-pandemic world has shown that trade and commerce can effectively happen from people sitting in their homes. With all the uncertainties looming around, and a fear of a new wave of virus, here are few businesses you can start online comfortably while staying safe and minimizing physical contact. If you have a phone or a laptop and a good internet connection, then you are good to go. A little caveat though, these businesses demand hard work, dedication, and consistency to profit from them.


Vlogging is a very lucrative way of making legit money while creating engaging content. Vlogging is simply blogging with videos. This involves you making videos about maybe a trend, the things you love, or is passionate about, a solution to a problem, and so on. Posting engaging video content keeps people coming back, and they more they do they more they subscribe, and the more you earn according to the number of views. Furthermore, you can start earning immediately from the percentages your vlog platform offers. The easiest video content App and most lucrative is YouTube. All you need to do is have a Gmail address, and you are sure good to go. Visit to begin.

Amazon Kindle publishing

Amazon provides writers an opportunity to self-publish themselves and earn from their works and avoid the rigorous processes of traditional publishing. Google kindle publishing is not limited to creative writing but also academic books, self-help books, etc. it also guarantees your options of publishing as an eBook or a PDF. Publishing on KDP takes then 5 minutes and within 24hours for your books to reach millions of Global readers. You can also earn up to 70 percent Royalty from your books. You can check it out here.


Freelancing is another easy way of earning from home. This involves a p2p way of creating content and getting paid to do it. There are many freelancing websites online. But the most popular of them all is Upwork ( and Fiverr ( There are millions of services offered here ranging from writing, video editing, animation, web development, photography, Photo editing, transcription Jobs, etc. it is also free to open an account and offer your services, and the beautiful thing is that you are paid in USD.


Blogging is still one of the oldest and most traditional means of earning online. Here, one writes content and posts them on a site in other to earn. Earning with Blogging is a long term solution but very effective. Blogging also helps you build a brand according to the niche you are experienced in. The two most popular Blogs are Blogger ( and ( ). These two offer free services at their basic level, and you can unlock more services with Premium.

There are many other ways to earn on the internet, but this list is at the basic level and services that are less stressful and straightforward, and which you can also do using just your phone. You can register each of these services with your phone, however, some of the services demand that you make certain settings using the Desktop site. It is not late to begin. 

Traditional publishing is very demanding. It is very difficult for some works to scale through the scrutiny of the editors. But the world is digitalizing and disrupting every industry and the book industry is not left out. When it comes to writing, there is a common denominator, that is, that innermost desire to be read which follows the desire to earn from what one has written. This is the place of publishing. A channel to make you reach a wider audience. To communicate your feelings and experiences beyond your writing table. Publishing opens up more doors both in boosting your personality, and in helping you package your craft, it can also guarantee you a form of financial reward. 

However, there are two basic problems that present itself to many writers. This problem is simple but is geared towards the question they ask themselves everyday “how do I publish these books to reach greater audiences” and “How do I earn from my craft”. What if I tell you there is a way, which will not just guarantee good earnings but also make you self-confident.

It is doable, but I must let you know, writing itself or any other indie service, involves a lot of perseverance, consistency, creativity, and patience. What this means is that do not expect to publish your writings today and start reaping millions from it, if you are such a writer check another space.

Your writings can be creative writing like poetry, Drama, Fiction, both literary fiction, and genre fiction. It can also stretch across self-help book, Research, medical books, Motivational as well as Religious books.

 Let’s begin. I will give you hints on how to do this. There are different many options, like publishing on your site, and some other literary magazines. But that is not the type of publication we mean. Here is a quick approach.

The best solution is to publish on sites dedicated to publishing digitally. In the below paragraphs I have listed websites that will enable you to do this. This list is no particular order, and over time you may find yourself favouriting a particular one according to Impact. I will also mention that nothing stops you from publishing in all the platforms but you have to read and understand their T&C before doing that. Best of Luck. 

Amazon Kdp

Amazon Kindle direct publishing controls a greater percentage of e-book publication on the internet and has the biggest customer base. They help you Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free, and gives you access to their millions of customers worldwide, while you earn up to 70% Royalty. You can check them out on

Smashword is another self-publishing platform with a high level of popularity and user base.According to their official site, “Smashwords is a free eBook publishing and distribution platform. We make it fast, free, and easy for authors and publishers to distribute eBooks to the world's largest eBook retailers and library e-book platforms. Authors and publishers retain full control over how their works are published, sampled, priced and sold.” check them out here


Lulu takes writers on a Simple and affordable ride. They help you write and publish your dream book. They also Print, ship, distribute, and sell to a global audience. You can visit their official site to find out more

Finally, there are many opportunities out there for writers on the internet, some to help you improve your skills. Others to help you get published. So it is very important you seek out these online solutions to help get yourself where you are supposed to be. Read. Research. And write.

There are many long term businesses one can operate in Nigeria and still make a profit. These businesses are mostly concrete and can effectively be a good source of income for the person who is investing. Most of these businesses are related to real estate, investment trading, as well as collecting objects of value. These businesses can be started with as little as 50-100 thousand Naira and can appreciate over time in value, with ROI of more than 200%.

It is true that 2020 and the virus scare changed a lot, but these businesses can stand the test of time. This is because they satisfy and fill some important areas of our lives, and guarantee actual value.
In no particular order, I'll be listing these businesses so as to talk about them in detail. This list is also a matter of personal preference, market value, market size, based on how they are on-demand, and how lucrative they can be. I will also mention that they are however high risk, the high-profit margin is quite often proportionate to the risk. And you can invest in these 3 long term businesses in 2020.

Art Collecting

Art collecting is buying and storing artworks so as to resell when they appreciate in value over time. Although it is mostly for the mega-rich, it is important to know that any average person can get into the businesses by simply investing when it is affordable and progress from there. It is very lucrative and one can start with as low as 50 thousand. Since its long term, it is advisable to make your research especially about the artist and his market value. Like trading currency, it is also advisable to buy when it is affordable and resell when it has increased in price. But a lot of factors could determine this, some you can control, and some you can’t. So it makes it risky, and high yield. However you can purchase an artist’s work today and he will become a global phenomenon tomorrow, relative to his/her reception in the art community. 

A little Tip though. Become a friend to the artist, it can help you purchase at a lower rate than from Art stores. You can get lucky within the first five years if one of the artists you purchased their works become big. So it is also advisable to buy from different artists. Furthermore, it is important you buy works that you genuinely like, so it can motivate you to keep it for that long. Don’t just buy from the artist because you think it’s good business. There are many places to buy art from bourgeoning artist like Instagram and exhibitions hosted for galleries for promising young artists. Watch closely and very carefully, you can never get it wrong.

Gold trading

Gold is one of the most valuable precious stones on earth and is being sorted for its multipurpose uses. It is used by central banks to back their fiats, and in the luxury industry for aesthetic purposes among other uses. You can key into these billion dollars industry by buying as little as 100usd. Gold is a tangible asset and easy to store. You can buy Gold from the area where it is a bit affordable and abundant. But beware of fake and fraudsters, so it is advisable to buy from recognizable dealers to be safe. Like buying art, it is risky, but with proper research, you will be safe.

Real Estate.

Investing in real estate is very lucrative and like the above-mentioned businesses can be risky too. But real estate has many facets. I’m interested in the business of purchasing affordable land in a semi-remote area close to development and resell when it is okay too and has probably increased in value. This is the simplest and oldest form of real estate business. That is, buying and selling the land itself. Be very careful to purchase the land from the real owners of the property. Do your research for a lot of scammers are out there looking for who to deceive. If you can get this right, you will surely be making a profit within two years.

Finally, there are many other tangible assets to buy, that guarantees good ROI. These are means to earn and let your money grow over time. It is also for people who have patience. Always Remember, it is Gold, Land, and Art, at the basic level, then you climb.

Freelancing is a very lucrative way to earn from home. And this involves enlisting your products or skills online so that buyers can seek you out to purchase your services. There wouldn’t be a need for a physical meeting, because the online platform handles that. Your payments are gotten through escrow services that allow you to access it once they buyer verifies that you have fulfilled your own part of the bargain, that is, offering the services you said you do. You are also rated from 1 star to 5 stars, according to how satisfied the customer is towards your service delivery. You will also be moved from a basic level to upper levels as you progress and become popular offering your service.

However, there is a problem. The majority of these Freelancing sites use PayPal, and as such for most African countries especially Nigerians it is difficult to access their money. So it is a bit discouraging. There are some freelancing sites that use another source of payment called Payoneer, and this payment system is compatible in almost all parts of the world. I will be listing a few of these sites so you can harness these services and earn legally.


With more than 12 million freelancers, 3 million job postings, and 5 million clients, Upwork is the biggest freelancing site on the internet. Although it is an American company, anyone can work here. Sometimes the works come on contract bases and it very lucrative. The services you can offer in Upwork are limitless. From writing to video editing, web development to computer programming. Although Upwork has a new feature where sellers bid for work using money, it is still very lucrative as most of the contracts will cover the cost of your bid. I have listed upwork here because the good news is that Upwork uses Payoneer, it means you can access your money even when you are not using PayPal.


Fiverr is the second-largest freelancing site online. It boasts of millions of users and as well as clients and job postings. They offer almost the same type of services as Upwork, but their bidding/ buyer request services are free. You don’t need to bid with money before getting the job. Also, Fiverr is simple to register and you can start selling immediately after registration, as opposed to Upwork which takes time to get your account approved, and sometimes they don’t approve sellers with preexisting service in the network. Fiverr also uses Payoneer. Payoneer with its visa debit card can pay you in any atm anywhere around the world in your local currency.


This is another popular freelancing site that is easy as Fiverr. Although you have to bid for the works. Bidding is free. It allows clients to find the right freelancers to do their works. Also, you are frequently updated with works which you qualify most for, so as to increase your chances of getting it. Another important factor is that it is easy to withdraw your funds even without Paypal since guru enables Payoneer as a means of receiving your money. 

These three freelancing sites are very easy to access your money. There are other freelancing sites out there, but for the sake of this article, I have concentrated on this list based on my personal experience with them. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

How prepared are you for the new wave of digital revolution of the 21st century. It’s no news that there is a secret move by Global Tech giant Apple to disrupt the whole telecommunication industry. There have also been unverified reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Space X are at the forefront of partnering with Apple to achieve this goal. The new internet revolution everyone is waiting for maybe the one offered by beaming internet services directly to our phones and other internet compatible devices. This is going to be a lot faster than the usual fiber optics internet already available if predictions are accurate. It also promises to reach even the most remote areas in coverage since it’s a high-speed broadband internet according to Musk.

Investors are eager to jump into this next revolution after Blockchain. This Apple space X move can give them control over the entire market. On August 18th, space X Launched more satellites into space through the Starlink project and has about 655 satellites ready out of the planned 12,000. Part of the space X idea is to launch telecom-satellites that can cut across borders and beam the internet into devices globally by 2021. Yes, we are talking about the Cutting of local networks and Network poles.
But what does this mean for the African market?

There are many speculations. But the idea of cutting off local Networks will help the African emerging market the most. Since it’s a high-speed internet like no one has seen before, it will boost the African Tech and finance industry.
Most countries in Africa suffer a major setback on issues related to a steady power supply and fluctuating internet. If there could be solutions directly from a phone company it could change the way we do virtually everything.

For Banking- there won’t be any slow network transitions and long bank queues. However, beyond the goal of helping traditional banking, it will enable DeFi networks to transact smoothly without backlogs. For transactions sometimes takes 2 days to process (writing from experience)

Since the coronavirus pandemic, teleconferencing has become the new normal as it helps in promoting social distance culture. Therefore, it is likely going to help businesses in the continent to carry out their meetings in the post-pandemic world setting without network interruptions.

Education would not be left out, since it is becoming a culture to learn and take courses online with new streaming platforms emerging every day. A lot of countries in Africa are finding it difficult to maximize the potentials of apps like zoom and Google classroom due to the constant network fluctuations.

Bloomberg and Forbes published most of the speculative secret meetings among tech giants. However, since the announcement, it’s obvious that, if this becomes a reality it means the Apple phone market will see an overwhelming surge in sales. Therefore both marketers and investors in the apple market in Africa will also benefit.  

Finally, there will also be Negative downsides. This may also increase the level of internet fraud in the continent, and dark web activities. Nevertheless, for any new innovation, I think the positive will always outweigh the negative side. 

Business Information Technology is a large and diverse field and each business requires a specific set of IT tools and techniques. Business Information Technology is a constantly evolving field and it requires the use of software tools to be able to keep up with changes in a business or industry.

Businesses have to be aware of the importance of information technology in their business in order to stay competitive in the market. Companies that are not able to adapt to changes in their environment will eventually fail. There are several companies that provide IT services and equipment for businesses and there is also an abundance of books, magazines, videos, and other forms of media that provide an in-depth look at the subject. This article will provide a brief overview of the different tools that are being used and their purpose in information technology in a business setting.

"Global IT spending from 2005 to 2019 and a forecast for spending on information technology in 2020. In 2020, IT spending worldwide is expected to reach about 3.46 trillion U.S. dollars, a decline of eight percent, due to the negative economic impact brought about by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020."

The first tool that is used in information technology in a business setting is a computer. Today a computer can be very powerful and used to manage a number of different files and software programs. A computer will usually consist of a monitor, keyboard and a mouse. A computer can also include a keyboard and monitor that are connected to a computer via a telephone line or other form of communication. There are also some computers that are able to function with software that is not directly attached to the computer.

The next piece of information technology that is used in information technology in a business setting is a computer. The computer is used to store the information and to control the computer from a remote location. There are many different types of computers available for purchase and the cost of purchasing one can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The most common form of computer that is used in information technology in a business setting is a personal computer. This type of computer is used primarily for use on a personal computer and is not often used for business use.

The next piece of information technology that is used in a business information technology setting is a server that is located somewhere on the company's property. A server is used to provide data to the company and to another company. A server is also used for data storage and to host files on the company's servers.

"Global Information Technology (IT) and business services market is forecast to decrease by around 10 percent in 2020 compared to 2019 due to impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The expenditure for IT and business services products and services is forecast to drop to 1,050 billion U.S. dollars in 2020"

The last piece of information technology that is used in a business information technology setting is a network of computers that are connected to one another by a number of cables. The network is used to connect all of the computers to one another and to provide data transfer to a number of people at a time. This form of information technology is used to provide fast access to information from one person to another and to provide accurate information.

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 It is important to have a healthy and well-functioning Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for your electric motor to run properly. Without this, your machine will not be able to process the load effectively. 

Here are some of the key reasons for the failure of a VFD and effective ways for VFD troubleshooting:

  • Overcurrent Fault

Overcurrent is often caused by circuit overload or short-circuit, an arc fault or a ground fault. You may require a VFD drive repair done if your drive is facing these issues. 

For overcurrent issues, it is advisable to check all power connections, ensuring that the connections are strong. Loose connections often result in such faults. 

The auto-tuning feature of a VFD often comes handy in troubleshooting VFD problems. This feature allows your drive to identify the motor attached to it. This further allows the rotor information to be used for better control of the current.

  • High Bus Fault

High Bus fault can be caused due to a sudden increase of voltage in the AC line. Excessive load generated by the inertia of your machine can also result in this issue.

Here, your VFD would trip and shut down the insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). This way, it would protect itself.

If there such a fault is indicated, always make sure that your motor is receiving a consistent AC power supply. Also, always ensure that the deceleration time matches the capacity of the load.

  • High Starting Current/Load

If your motor is experiencing high starting current/load, there might be an issue of mechanical binding or other relevant changes in the speed of load of your machine. VFD overload can occur even if loads are run at a few more RPMs.

The most common way of VFD troubleshooting here is to use a VFD having an extended acceleration rate. This would facilitate a slow and smooth start of the load/current instead of the motor experiencing a jerk. 

  • Inconsistent Operation Of The Drive

There may be situations when you cannot pinpoint the fault but your VFD is operating erratically. Do not make the mistake of overlooking this issue and try to understand a root cause of the problem. If you are not able to see what it wrong, it is advisable to go for a VFD drive repair.

However, you can always start by monitoring your VFD for overheated or burned components. If you find signs of cracking or discolouration in the drive, get the faulty portions repaired and test the drive before putting it back in action.

  • Failure Due To Contamination

Your VFD might get contaminated with dust, moisture or other airborne particles. Issues like this can be identified by arcing marks across circuit board traces or other key components. 

If the drive faces extreme contamination, it is advisable to take the drive away from the source of contamination immediately and provide it a NEMA-rated enclosure. 

  • Failure Due To Temperature

The temperature around your VFD while it is functioning might cause its failure. Always make sure that your drive functions within advisable temperature limits. 

Make sure you measure the temperature inside and outside the drive enclosure and confirm that it is in sync with the temperature deemed ideal by the manufacturer.

  • Failure Due To Buildup

“Buildup” is a term commonly used for dust along with plant air infused with metallic particles, oil and moisture. This is an issue of severe contamination and requires instant VFD troubleshooting. 

The only way to prevent this issue is cleaning your drive on a regular basis and using a VFD that is suitable for your plan environment.

  • Excessive Heat

This is an extension of VFD failure caused by temperature. Excessive heating is commonly caused due to “buildup”, current exceeding the rated level or connections that are loose.

In such situations, it is advisable to use a temperature probe and maintaining a clean environment for your drive at all times. Also, go for VFD drive repair immediately if you find a leaking capacitor. 

  • Presence Of Moisture

Excessive moisture in plants often results in corrosion, causing damage to the circuit boards. Lower running of VFDs may result in unwanted condensation inside your machine.

It is advisable to use dehumidifiers for dealing with this issue. If possible, make sure you use VFDs with sealed housing and put the stored backup VFDs into use to prevent issues arising due to unwanted moisture. 

  •  Other Relevant Issues

There are many other issues that may cause your VFD to fail, some of which include:

  • Load or speed variation
  • Power issues
  • Changes in plant environment
  • Mishandling 

Many of these issues cannot be immediately recognised. You need to be vigilant and alert, making regular VFD checkups to ensure that your drive is functioning in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Education Technology has changed the world of education, and there are no signs of that trend changing. Even though more school districts have adopted the use of computers in the classroom, many are still skeptical. There are some things you can do as an educator to make the transition as easy as possible.

One way to make the most of this transition is to keep your computer working. When possible, you should only use the computer when you need it and try to use it for only the activities you need to learn.

In addition to using your computer for your classwork, you may want to keep some of the programs that you are not using. This way, you can use the software in the future, and it will save you time. It is also very easy to get the programs on your computer and start using them when you want to. If you do not want to lose the programs you have, you can transfer the files to another computer.

You should also use your computer for other activities. If you do not use your computer to the fullest, then you may have some time to get your creative juices flowing by using the computer to write essays or research for your next project.

Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Excel, and others are now available for you to use in the classroom. You may not have time to write all the papers or do all the research. You can use the software to do the work for you.

Education Technology is one of the most important parts of education today. You must make sure that you are ready to make the transition and that you take advantage of it. If you are not ready, you may find that you are working with obsolete technology.P3} One way to make this transition as easy as possible is to get all your assignments ready in advance. If you do not have time to do this, then you may find that you have to use the old computer in your home or the library until your next assignment is due. When you get the next assignment, you will be able to use the computer for the assignment, then use your old computer to do your research or just use it to print your handouts.

One thing you should also try to do is take advantage of your time with the computer as much as you can. The time you spend on the computer should be more than you spend on using your hands. so that you can multitask.

The computer is a great way to learn about a subject and learn it in a very personal way. You can learn by reading, writing, or typing the material for the lesson.

Stock trading is a good way to generate money as long as the right tools and strategies are used. However, one must take note that the stock market is a place where there are always fluctuations and trends. One must also be ready to change his or her strategy and trading strategies accordingly. If you follow a good strategy, the results of your stock trading can be great.

There are so many things that affect the stock market and therefore, one must be aware of the changes in the market. One must understand the history of the market and how the stock market works. You must be knowledgeable about the latest trends in the market. The following are some tips that will help you understand the stock market and how to use the market to your advantage.

First, you must know about the rules and regulations of the stock market. You have to be familiar with all the rules and regulations of the stock market. Once you understand how the market works, you will be able to gain profit even in difficult times. You must know about the market, so you will know how to trade stocks efficiently.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that the stock market is very volatile. In order to gain profits, you have to be able to take risks. In this type of market, you have to have your wits about you when you are trading. Since there are some people that are willing to invest in stock trading, there are also some people who are going to scam you. Do not lose your money in the stock market.

Finally, stock trading can be very profitable if you know how to analyze the stock market. If you want to gain a lot from the stock market, you have to be very observant. You have to be able to read charts, graphs about the trends of the market. You must also be able to study about the market and its trends.

With these things, you will be able to understand the stock market. These things will help you understand the market and how you can benefit from it. When you understand the market, you will be able to choose the right stocks for trading. You also have to have the ability to take risks in trading. Otherwise, you will lose all the money that you have invested in the stock market.

A Wealth Management Firm, also called a financial advisor, works with individuals and organizations to devise and execute a financial plan. An advisor will help individuals and businesses set up a strategy that will enable them to earn a living through investment. This type of professional is an expert in assessing a person's investment needs and goals, as well as advising an individual on which investments will be the best fit for a given situation. In fact, an advisor will take the time to explain all aspects of the financial situation to a client, including risks.

In most cases, Wealth Management is done through a partnership. The primary partner is the firm itself, which will have an account manager and an investment advisor. If an investment is made, the funds are placed in a separate account that is managed by the investment manager. The other partner is referred to as the investment adviser and will usually be responsible for communicating with the client, assisting them with their financial planning, and managing any transactions that come up.

The firm will typically have a registered office, and financial advisors usually reside and work in the office. The firm will usually provide a mailing address and fax number. If an investment is made, it will usually be in the form of a check or some other form of currency. The investment adviser will give the client a signed agreement, which is sent or delivered to the client's account.

The firm is a financial advisor, but this is not the same as an accountant. A financial advisor does not have any specific education or training in accounting, so it is important that the advisor has experience with the accounting laws and procedures. The advisor also has to have the knowledge and skills to effectively communicate with clients, and be able to make sound financial decisions.

The firm will work with a variety of financial experts and will help clients set up a plan to achieve their client's investment objectives. This is usually accomplished through a combination of strategies. 

Some of these include: A Wealth Management Firm is an important part of the financial world, and can be a valuable asset to anyone who wants to maximize his or her investments. Anyone interested in becoming an advisor, or simply needs help with their financial situation, should contact a Wealth Management Firm.