Indexing means a search engine has found and categorized your website. It has essentially recognized it and placed it into a category.

Indexing means a search engine has found and categorized your website. It has essentially recognized it and placed it into a category. Indexing a new website can take up to several weeks sometimes, however with Google Caffeine and the new algorithms of other search engines, it may be more like a matter of days.

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Here are five steps to get your website indexed more quickly.

#1 Add lot of content. Content is the primary key to search engine recognition. It’s what search engines use to find and index your web pages. The more keyword optimized content you have on your site, the easier it will be for search engines to recognize and index you.

The key locations for your keywords are in your headline, first paragraph, last paragraph and sprinkled naturally throughout the copy. Don’t force a percentage – just write naturally as you would if you were having a conversation with someone. Make sure to use variations of your keyword for credibility with the search engines.

For example if your keyword is “natural herb medicine“, you might use the following words or phrases; “natural herbal remedies” “natural alternative medicine” “natural herbal remedy” “natural herbal medicine” “herbal alternative medicine” and so on. The key is to be natural and not repeat the same keyword phrase over and over again. Write for your reader first.

#2 Add a site map to your website. A site map is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. There are many online services that offer sitemap creation including Google.

#3 Start networking. Get online and comment on blogs. Place your website in the registration information. Also, join social networking sites and list your website there. Post links to your content on social networking sites. People can click through, repost and retweet them and ideally they will also link to your content from their website.

#4 Create a blog. If your website isn’t created on a blogging platform, then create a blog. Blogs are great for being indexed quickly. You can use the blog to cross promote your website. Also promote your blog during social networking interactions. The more traffic and awareness you drive to your website, the more incoming links you’ll generate, and links are important when it comes to indexing your website.

#5 Internal linking. Link within your website to a few strategic pages. Internal linking structures are another helpful tool to be indexed by the search engines and to increase your page ranking.

Finally, don’t forget about submitting strategic pages of your site to social bookmarking sites. These sites will draw interest to those pages, create links and generate traffic and awareness. You can also submit your website to search engines, but it’s not necessary. However, submitting it to directories like can help.

Unfortunately, since it often takes weeks, and can even take months to get approval from some of the major directories, this isn’t a quick process. All things considered though, your content is where your focus should be. If you want to get indexed quickly start with a solid content foundation before you launch your site.

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