Traditional publishing is very demanding. It is very difficult for some works to scale through the scrutiny of the editors. But the world is digitalizing and disrupting every industry and the book industry is not left out. When it comes to writing, there is a common denominator, that is, that innermost desire to be read which follows the desire to earn from what one has written. This is the place of publishing. A channel to make you reach a wider audience. To communicate your feelings and experiences beyond your writing table. Publishing opens up more doors both in boosting your personality, and in helping you package your craft, it can also guarantee you a form of financial reward. 

However, there are two basic problems that present itself to many writers. This problem is simple but is geared towards the question they ask themselves everyday “how do I publish these books to reach greater audiences” and “How do I earn from my craft”. What if I tell you there is a way, which will not just guarantee good earnings but also make you self-confident.

It is doable, but I must let you know, writing itself or any other indie service, involves a lot of perseverance, consistency, creativity, and patience. What this means is that do not expect to publish your writings today and start reaping millions from it, if you are such a writer check another space.

Your writings can be creative writing like poetry, Drama, Fiction, both literary fiction, and genre fiction. It can also stretch across self-help book, Research, medical books, Motivational as well as Religious books.

 Let’s begin. I will give you hints on how to do this. There are different many options, like publishing on your site, and some other literary magazines. But that is not the type of publication we mean. Here is a quick approach.

The best solution is to publish on sites dedicated to publishing digitally. In the below paragraphs I have listed websites that will enable you to do this. This list is no particular order, and over time you may find yourself favouriting a particular one according to Impact. I will also mention that nothing stops you from publishing in all the platforms but you have to read and understand their T&C before doing that. Best of Luck. 

Amazon Kdp

Amazon Kindle direct publishing controls a greater percentage of e-book publication on the internet and has the biggest customer base. They help you Self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free, and gives you access to their millions of customers worldwide, while you earn up to 70% Royalty. You can check them out on

Smashword is another self-publishing platform with a high level of popularity and user base.According to their official site, “Smashwords is a free eBook publishing and distribution platform. We make it fast, free, and easy for authors and publishers to distribute eBooks to the world's largest eBook retailers and library e-book platforms. Authors and publishers retain full control over how their works are published, sampled, priced and sold.” check them out here


Lulu takes writers on a Simple and affordable ride. They help you write and publish your dream book. They also Print, ship, distribute, and sell to a global audience. You can visit their official site to find out more

Finally, there are many opportunities out there for writers on the internet, some to help you improve your skills. Others to help you get published. So it is very important you seek out these online solutions to help get yourself where you are supposed to be. Read. Research. And write.

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  2. Absolutely agree! Traditional publishing can be challenging, but the digital era offers new avenues for writers to reach wider audiences and GST earn from their craft. Excited to learn more about this alternative approach you're mentioning.