Nowadays, communication has shifted from word-of-mouth to online searches and trends on social media. Positive reviews are no longer majorly spread in person, from one to another, rather reviews are left online for the entire world to see.

As a business owner, taking advantage of the technological advances in marketing and communication is very key if you are to improve popularity, increase customer traffic, and become a visible and well-known business.

With the world now globally interconnected, many people around the world are looking for the type of services your business offers, and the only way they can find out about your business is to search online for those services. But if they search, would they find your business on Google or other search engines? 

Well, if you do not have your business listed on strategic online business listing sites, they may never find out about your business. 

In case you don’t know which business listing site to sign up on, there’s no need to worry because I’m here to give you the top 10 business listing sites in Nigeria - and they are all free.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free business listing site available to all businesses with a Google account regardless of the country the business is based in. Google My Business allows customers to leave ratings and reviews about your business. Signing up on their website improves your searchability as people would be able to find you when they search on Google. Plus it also builds trust among potential customers who would have no reason to doubt the credibility of your business. 

With Google My Business, potential customers will be aware of your business location, working hours, customer support contact, website, as well as other necessary information.

Connect Nigeria

This is one of the most popular free business listing sites in Nigeria. It arranges businesses into categories for easy location and it allows a business to write briefs about their services. On this free business listing site, businesses can link their websites to the profile, as well as put their contact information. Also, there is the option to advertise your business for a fee. 

Connect Nigeria is used by hundreds of businesses in Nigeria, and they organize business fairs where the listed business can physically mingle and promote their services to the public.


This is one of the most popular free business listing sites online. As the name suggests, this is a business listing site that majorly focuses on Tech-related companies but is not limited to it. There are different categories for different services like Events, Arts and Entertainment, Transportation, and many more different types of services. It comes in three plans, the basic plan, Featured plan, and Premium plan.

Basic Plan is completely free, with features that give your business free ads, linked websites, and inclusion in search results.


This is a free business listing site designed to promote Nigerian businesses. It currently has listings of hundreds of businesses all across Nigeria. On their site, there is a Deal section where you can promote your services or products. They also keep you informed of the business fairs organized across Nigeria that you can participate in. Customers can leave reviews about your business which are then visible to everyone who checks their site, whether or not your business is listed with them. 

Facebook Business Page

With social media daily keeping people engaged, an online presence on popular social media platforms guarantees your business' visibility. With a Facebook Business page, people can look up your business and they will get all the important information they need to know. You can also freely advertise your services, upload pictures, publish articles, and do whatever you wish to do to promote your business on your page without spending a Kobo. 

Potential customers can contact you either directly within Facebook or via any means you specify. Plus you can invite customers and contacts to your business page, who may in turn share your business page with their contacts, thereby expanding your customer reach. 

VConnect Nigeria

This is an online marketplace for services. It links potential employees with hiring companies and links businesses with potential customers. VConnect Nigeria is a well-visited site and getting your business listed in their directory makes it easier for potential customers to locate you. 

LGT Nigeria

With this free business listing site, all you need to do is input details of your business and they add it to their catalog. One of the nice features of this site is that they create free online business cards for your business (if you want it), which you can then embed to your website or anywhere else you like. 


Having a strong online presence is vital to your business' existence in the long run. LinkedIn is a popular social media for professionals and businesses. Most businesses use LinkedIn as a way to run a background check on potential employees, so also do most potential customers use it to run a background check on businesses and companies.

Listing your business on LinkedIn increases your business' rank, as it is a verified and well-trusted platform across the world. 

NG Contacts

This free business listing site in Nigeria takes pride in having a great database of profiles and contacts of companies and businesses in Nigeria, which are then promoted both within and outside Nigerian shores. They currently have thousands of businesses listed with them, which have gained good visibility. 

Nigeria Directory

Focused on building Nigeria's largest directory, this site provides businesses with all they need to promote themselves. It provides a map that aids people in locating listed businesses, and how to get there. It also allows people to share your business information on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


The more people know about your business, the better it is for your business. With the world based on online interactions, you need to be well-positioned to get a large customer base. And the best way to establish your online presence is by registering your business in not just one, but multiple business listing sites. Link all these sites to your website, and watch your business online ranking soar.

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