Freelancing is a very lucrative way to earn from home. And this involves enlisting your products or skills online so that buyers can seek you out to purchase your services. There wouldn’t be a need for a physical meeting, because the online platform handles that. Your payments are gotten through escrow services that allow you to access it once they buyer verifies that you have fulfilled your own part of the bargain, that is, offering the services you said you do. You are also rated from 1 star to 5 stars, according to how satisfied the customer is towards your service delivery. You will also be moved from a basic level to upper levels as you progress and become popular offering your service.

However, there is a problem. The majority of these Freelancing sites use PayPal, and as such for most African countries especially Nigerians it is difficult to access their money. So it is a bit discouraging. There are some freelancing sites that use another source of payment called Payoneer, and this payment system is compatible in almost all parts of the world. I will be listing a few of these sites so you can harness these services and earn legally.


With more than 12 million freelancers, 3 million job postings, and 5 million clients, Upwork is the biggest freelancing site on the internet. Although it is an American company, anyone can work here. Sometimes the works come on contract bases and it very lucrative. The services you can offer in Upwork are limitless. From writing to video editing, web development to computer programming. Although Upwork has a new feature where sellers bid for work using money, it is still very lucrative as most of the contracts will cover the cost of your bid. I have listed upwork here because the good news is that Upwork uses Payoneer, it means you can access your money even when you are not using PayPal.


Fiverr is the second-largest freelancing site online. It boasts of millions of users and as well as clients and job postings. They offer almost the same type of services as Upwork, but their bidding/ buyer request services are free. You don’t need to bid with money before getting the job. Also, Fiverr is simple to register and you can start selling immediately after registration, as opposed to Upwork which takes time to get your account approved, and sometimes they don’t approve sellers with preexisting service in the network. Fiverr also uses Payoneer. Payoneer with its visa debit card can pay you in any atm anywhere around the world in your local currency.


This is another popular freelancing site that is easy as Fiverr. Although you have to bid for the works. Bidding is free. It allows clients to find the right freelancers to do their works. Also, you are frequently updated with works which you qualify most for, so as to increase your chances of getting it. Another important factor is that it is easy to withdraw your funds even without Paypal since guru enables Payoneer as a means of receiving your money. 

These three freelancing sites are very easy to access your money. There are other freelancing sites out there, but for the sake of this article, I have concentrated on this list based on my personal experience with them. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

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