How prepared are you for the new wave of digital revolution of the 21st century. It’s no news that there is a secret move by Global Tech giant Apple to disrupt the whole telecommunication industry. There have also been unverified reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Space X are at the forefront of partnering with Apple to achieve this goal. The new internet revolution everyone is waiting for maybe the one offered by beaming internet services directly to our phones and other internet compatible devices. This is going to be a lot faster than the usual fiber optics internet already available if predictions are accurate. It also promises to reach even the most remote areas in coverage since it’s a high-speed broadband internet according to Musk.

Investors are eager to jump into this next revolution after Blockchain. This Apple space X move can give them control over the entire market. On August 18th, space X Launched more satellites into space through the Starlink project and has about 655 satellites ready out of the planned 12,000. Part of the space X idea is to launch telecom-satellites that can cut across borders and beam the internet into devices globally by 2021. Yes, we are talking about the Cutting of local networks and Network poles.
But what does this mean for the African market?

There are many speculations. But the idea of cutting off local Networks will help the African emerging market the most. Since it’s a high-speed internet like no one has seen before, it will boost the African Tech and finance industry.
Most countries in Africa suffer a major setback on issues related to a steady power supply and fluctuating internet. If there could be solutions directly from a phone company it could change the way we do virtually everything.

For Banking- there won’t be any slow network transitions and long bank queues. However, beyond the goal of helping traditional banking, it will enable DeFi networks to transact smoothly without backlogs. For transactions sometimes takes 2 days to process (writing from experience)

Since the coronavirus pandemic, teleconferencing has become the new normal as it helps in promoting social distance culture. Therefore, it is likely going to help businesses in the continent to carry out their meetings in the post-pandemic world setting without network interruptions.

Education would not be left out, since it is becoming a culture to learn and take courses online with new streaming platforms emerging every day. A lot of countries in Africa are finding it difficult to maximize the potentials of apps like zoom and Google classroom due to the constant network fluctuations.

Bloomberg and Forbes published most of the speculative secret meetings among tech giants. However, since the announcement, it’s obvious that, if this becomes a reality it means the Apple phone market will see an overwhelming surge in sales. Therefore both marketers and investors in the apple market in Africa will also benefit.  

Finally, there will also be Negative downsides. This may also increase the level of internet fraud in the continent, and dark web activities. Nevertheless, for any new innovation, I think the positive will always outweigh the negative side. 

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